A Peachtree Walking Restaurant Tour

cypress-pint-plateMY NEIGHBORHOOD HAS 60+ Restaurants!  LET’S STROLL…AND CHECK OUT FIVE!!!

 First, a “World’s Food Competition” winner in the Burger Division! Yep! A yummy taste…and some hard cider!     Then….

  • A classic Southern taste accompanied by a drink that includes Honey Suckle Infused Vodka!  Oh Yeah!
  • Next let’s sample a lovely, delicious appetizer that goes wonderfully with an Italian bubbly.
  • Then…Dessert!  Of course!  A Cafe right out of Europe, 50+ sweet choices…with no menu!!…and a perfect Kafe mit Schlag!

Finally… A “Surprise”!  It’s all about food so let’s pick out some delightful Asian treats for later.  I just may have found a clever way for you to remember my Tour!!

Oh,  ….and how about learning a bit of Atlanta history!  I’m an amusing story-teller and….My!!…the stories I have for you!  Not just about the mansions that used to line both sides of Peachtree Street but also Margaret Mitchell and her book “Gone With The Wind”, Clark Gable, Coca Cola, The Federal Reserve, the hippies in the 60’s, and more.  Midtown has an incredibly rich history!


Currently my walking restaurant tours are Saturdays only…starting at 9:30am.

But…you are only available on Friday…or Tuesday…or ???

I hear this all the time!  The solution?

JUST CALL JOHN! 770-352-4607 I’m the owner and the problem solver.

NOTE:  All tastes and sips (and the final surprise!) are included in the $100 ticket price.

Advance purchase required.