Group Tours

Group Tours?  Why not!

Which day of the week?  The starting time?  How many folks?

Corporate Groups –  I’ve done a bunch and they’re a blast!!  Kellogg Frozen Foods!  Cox Communications!  Interface Flooring!  Merck and Company!  Midtown Dentistry!…and more!


 A Treat for your Office Staff…or your Clients…or think Holiday Dinner….How about a walking, eating, and laughing adventure!


Bachelorette Party!!  I can hear the laughter now!   Bachelor party?  I change gears and off we go!!


Just your Family?  4? 5? 6? or more!?   Sure!  (4 guests minimum and I’ll block other ticket sales!)


Maybe a Neighborhood Group?  A bunch of college friends?   Girl’s afternoon out?


Please Note:    My minimum for a private group tour is four (4) guests.  My maximum tour size is twenty-four (24).


These group adventures will require a phone chat.   Just call John @ 770-352-4607.  He’s the owner and chief problem-solver!

You can also email John at

A December Holiday office outing…with spouses!

A Bachelorette Party can be some crazy fun!!

24 adults and one 4 year old!
What a fun evening that was!