Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Every stop has a restroom.

Yes!  A Peachtree Food Tour makes a great gift.  Just go back to my Home page and at the top you will see the Gift Certificate link.  Easy directions…and then when they open the fancy card you put it in, you’ll hear, “Wow!  Best gift ever!”  Really!!

Sure!  Just call me at 770-352-4607.  Let’s discuss the details of what you have in mind.

Which day of the week?  What time of the day?  How many folks!

   – A team-building experience?  A company outing as an afternoon break from the grind?

   – A treat for your office staff?  How about a client appreciation outing?

   – A Bachelorette Party?  Now we’re talking about some crazy fun!

   –  Just your family?  Sure!  You’d like to start at 5:00pm?  This can happen!!

   You ‘think” it!  I’ll help “plan” it!!

Of course! Fascinating stories abound regarding Peachtree Street and the role it played in Atlanta’s history. I’ll start in the 1850’s, go through the Civil War, describe the mansions of the early 1900’s, the decay of the 1960’s, and the rebirth of the avenue in the 1970’s. You will hear about lots of characters that bring life to the many historic structures, as well as a review of the lauded future developments.

Plus, I just might have a few answers to a question that I often hear, “When we’re in Midtown, where would you suggest that we eat?” There are over 150 dining choices in the entire Midtown area and on this tour I give tips/comments about more than 60…..and ….we’re going to try out a few surprises that just might tickle your taste buds!

Please check the noontime temperatures and then realize that it’s going to get warmer, regardless of the season. In the hotter months, an umbrella and/or a hat is always a good idea. But… there is often a wonderful breeze on our route that makes for a pleasant stroll through my Midtown neighborhood.

In Atlanta, we dress casually so… dress to relax!  I’ll have shorts on …….unless it’s below 50 degrees at noon.

Certainly!  Snap away!!  And your guide?  I will be taking pictures of you and your group as Peachtree Street has some fabulous photo ops….and then I’ll pass along the best of my photos in my Thank You email to you!

Contact me!  If you would like the tour to be in any language other than English and I can find a translator, let’s do it! I would ask that you pay the translator directly…..and let’s feed the translator!  Note:  I require that the translator have a paid ticket for the tour.

Gratuities are always appreciated……..but you are not obligated. I just hope that you’ll want to return to Peachtree Street often.  Maybe even be my neighbor!

Of course! The tour was designed so that, as I get older, someone can push me as I lead the tour!  There are no steps but 3 slight uphill inclines in the 2.2 miles.

Note: I have access to a new wheelchair that you are more than welcome to use…free!  Really! And it is stored within 50 feet from our starting point!  Cool…

***At the time of this 4/17/17 update to the FAQ’s, I have had 4 wheelchair guests. No reason to miss the fun!***

The tour is 4 hours and you will walk about 2 miles.   You will be able to sit at all of the stops and Peachtree Street has lots of nice benches for your comfort. We will walk in what I call a “relaxed manner” as I’m in no hurry. There are no stairs but there are 3 short inclines.

Nope!  But…….

If you drove to the meeting place and took advantage of free parking(!), the last stop is less than a 4 block walk back to your car.  And…I am more than happy to walk you back to your car!

If you are riding our mass transit, there is a Marta Station within 3 blocks.

We are a huge Uber city and the drivers are often circling Midtown so your wait will be short!

There are taxis available 2 blocks away at one of Midtown’s large hotels.

After you purchase a ticket, you will be sent a confirmation email. A copy of that confirmation is also sent to me…which triggers a Thanks! from me with more details to include where to meet, suggestions on how to get to the meeting place, parking availability, tips on clothing vs weather….and even a “Suggestions” attachment for more food and fun in Atlanta, something that my wife and I put together.  Sometimes a local’s perspective can help!  Big city!  Lots of choices!

Unless your pet is a certified guide dog, that would be “No!”

Note that while we do not generally recommend bringing children, well-behaved, excited foodies are always welcome on our tours.  Of course, you know your child’s attention span best, so it is up to you to decide whether your child would enjoy a 4 1/2 hour culinary, historical, walking tour.  Please note that we are unable to provide discounts for children, but well-behaved infants who will not be taking part in the tastings may attend free of charge. And finally, please make sure to keep the other guests in mind when considering bringing infants and children.

Yes!  Immediately after your purchase you will receive an email as confirmation of the Tour you selected. That email will include more details, ie; where to meet, some tips on clothing, and a question regarding any food allergies in your group.

PLEASE NOTE:  Within a week of your tour I will CALL YOU to just check in and answer any questions you may have. It’s a Southern thing!  You’re going to be my guest!

If you should have to cancel, your ticket is redeemable for a Peachtree Food Tour for up to one year. There are NO monetary refunds. You certainly may convert your tickets to a Gift Certificate that can be redeemed within the next 12 months.

Regardless of the weather, all tours start promptly at the time stated on your ticket… and can last up to 4 1/2 hours. Grab an umbrella. Wear a hat. Choose your walking shoes well. There are NO refunds unless Peachtree Street is iced over…..which actually seems to happen every other year. Yikes!

Nope!   Here’s hoping that you can juggle your schedule and join me on another date.

WAIT!   If you are a single (one ticket) purchaser, I can be really user-friendly!  Just contact me and we can discuss adding you to that day’s group!

Yes!  Several of the restaurants have asked that I contact them at least 24 hours prior to our visit. I have arranged very specific tastes for you.  I really need to contact each dining room manager the afternoon prior to every tour….and I do this in person.  Ticket sales are restricted 24 hours prior to each Tour.

But……you can always call me directly.  I understand the concept of “last minute”!

Oh, No!   Peachtree Street holds a wealth of stories that begin at the Civil War, continues through why there were huge mansions along the avenue in the early 1900’s, and finishes with today’s flourishing development.  Who knew that the history of Peachtree Street actually had its jump start because of  “The Fire of 1917” and was the heart of Atlanta’s residential neighborhoods until the early 1950’s.   Then there’s the famous story of the agreement between the Atlanta Police and the hippies in the 1960’s which made sense as at that time Peachtree Street was a picture of urban blight!  Of course, the Olympics in 1996 had a huge impact on Midtown which today has now become my little piece of restaurant heaven!!  I share a mix of history, a bit of trivia, and just plain made-up stuff!!  I leave it to you to sort it all out!

Yes!! It’s the South!! We love our alcoholic beverages!!

To be more accurate, there is a hard cider, a lovely Mississippi cocktail….and a funky history lesson (with a bourbon sample!)

If you would prefer something other than alcohol, all of our stops can certainly accommodate your request. Sweet iced tea is available everywhere!

Please know that there is NO DISCOUNT if you choose not to sample the alcoholic drinks.

You will have an opportunity to list those restrictions at #3 on the Purchase Tickets link. Your acknowledgement of a waiver  policy is also a part of the Purchase Ticket process. I will ask you to sign that same waiver the morning of the tour that indicates that you have disclosed any/all food allergies.

NOTE: The Tour CAN  be vegan-friendly…but gluten-free??   Not so much!  Several of the tastes are iconic to the South and/or Atlanta and substitutes may not make sense.  For my vegetarian guests, I would suggest a quick phone call before purchasing so we can discuss expectations!!  For dozens of vegans (or some variation of vegan!) my little adventure has been a blast!

Well… bite at the first stop. Two bites at the second stop. Three big bites…

Trust me! You will get plenty to eat. By the 4th stop of the tour you’ll have your feet propped up, a strong coffee in hand, and thinking that you might want to walk around a bit before dinner.

Because the tour is on a schedule, we will not have time to pop into the shops on the way.  Please note that the shops that I recommend are all within a 2 block walk from your final stop…..and on the way back to your car or the mass transit station.

Each tour has a maximum of  8  tickets sold.  I feel that real conversation is challenging when that number increases.

Please note that each tour also MUST have a minimum of 2 tickets sold. I will contact you if it looks like the tour may not have the minimum and we can discuss modifications or refunds.

A SINGLE ticket?  Is that you? Don’t hesitate to purchase a ticket as I have a deep respect for solo adventurers.  If you end up being the only purchaser for that date, we’ll figure something out, over the phone or via email. A different date? A rate modification? A refund?

I require that the process of purchasing a ticket clearly exposes you to the Tour’s Waiver.  It’s very standard in the Tour industry and there is no reason to hide it  in the small print. The Waiver is straight forward and refers to, among other things, how I can maximize my marketing efforts by using photos of you taken on the tour (Smile for the camera!), whose fault it may be if you slip and slide and fall on the sidewalk, curb, bathroom floor, etc (It was the new shoes!), and acceptable behavior when you’re served alcohol (Officer, I only……is no way to begin any conversation.) Please review our Waiver.

Also, please know that everyone on the tour will be asked to personally sign the Waiver before I begin the Tour……AND I will be asking for ID that states you are 21 years or older.  The legal drinking age in Georgia is 21 and strictly enforced.