Welcome to Peachtree Food Tours!!

Join me for a stroll along Peachtree Street, Atlanta’s most well known avenue, tasting and sipping and learning. I love my neighborhood.
I live and eat on Peachtree Street. I am surrounded by great restaurants…and a rich, rich history.

Allow me to share why I wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world!

Hi, I’m John Hannula, the founder of Peachtree Food Tours, and I’ll be your guide!

Midtown Atlanta’s Peachtree Street has been our home, our neighborhood for almost 20 years. When I walk out of our building’s front door, I’m on Peachtree Street….and I’m grinning!

Over the years my wife and I have been able to travel the world, signing up for food tours from Bangkok to Brussels. Each tour was unique but they all had two things in common – local, delightful tastes matched with local, amusing stories.

Welcome to my Peachtree Street!

I’m a retired businessman, building houses that became homes for lots of wonderful families. Yep! I’m the guy you trusted with the largest purchase of your life!

I’m a storyteller….which makes me quite an entertaining guide at Atlanta’s Historic Oakland Cemetery! Yep! I also take groups amidst the graves and share the tales of the dead.

I’m Mr. Customer Service….which is why you may have seen my smiling face at the Will Call window at Turner Field! Yep! I used to work for the Atlanta Braves as Game Day Staff. (Yikes! I had to resign! Baseball and Food Tours just got to be way too much! But…it’s all good!)

Come join me! Let’s have some fun!