OK!  A Food Tour!

A Peachtree Food Tour.  The #1 Food Tour in Atlanta!

A lovely Sunday Tour on Peachtree Street with two equally lovely women from Canada.

My Tour is in Midtown Atlanta.  My sweet Jeri and I live in Midtown.  My Tours often run into friends of ours.

This last Sunday, among the friends we ran into, were J. and another J.

I introduced my guests to my friends sharing that these folks with me were from Canada and were visiting Atlanta.

One of the J.’s welcomed them…and then asked for a favor….

To quote…the favor… “Would you mind if I sent you my home address?”

Being ever gracious, one of my Canadian guest replied,  “Why, of course!”

To which my dear friend said, “Perfect!  Would you send a Canadian Mountie my way?”

Ah-h-h… Gotta love my neighborhood!!

I couldn’t possibly make this stuff up!!!!